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terry gilliam Jack scaling the tower

Wire chair...$5

Soy sauce and jaw breakers, a winning combination

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Please note: most of these items are out of print or very rare, and thus are difficult to find (Ebay may be the only option).

First, a few posters...

The most common poster

French poster, complete with sword in the, er, garbage can

Australian poster


...another poster with reviews...


...the movie sheet from Austria...

another poster

austrian movie sheet


...a picture of the press kit...


...a second press kit picture...

fisher king press kit

press kit 2


...ticket stub from the premiere...


...some colour slides from the film...

ticket stub

colour slides


...lobby cards featuring film stills...

4 lobby cards

4 more lobby cards


...even more lobby cards...


...some more lobby cards from Germany...

more lobby cards

german lobby cards


...t-shirts seen on Ebay...

t-shirt seen on Ebay

another t-shirt from Ebay


... the theatre mylar...

theatre mylar


...and finally a Fisher King wine glass.

wine glass used as a video store promo item

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