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Dreams Definitive Terry Gilliam fan site.
Message Board Discussion of Gilliam's past, current and future films.


Pythonet Detailed Gilliam biography and interview transcripts.
Terry Gilliam Files Many Gilliam conversations and behind-the-scenes stories.
Gilliam Interview The director talks about the film (author not given).


They're Getting a Gilliam Film From the Los Angeles Times, on location, June 1990.
Gilliam, Gotham, God Cover story from Metropolis Magazine, September 1991.
A Red Knightmare From New York Newsday, about the Red Knight's design.


Account of the Fisher King Parry's speech transcribed, and an image of the Red Knight. All Movie's entry for The Fisher King. Analysis of the film, and suggestions for similar films.
Film Clips Fansite featuring several clips from the movie.
Filming Locations Craig Clark's tour of Fisher King's New York filming sites. Internet Movie Database's entry for The Fisher King.
Metacritic Film Reviews Features links to many reviews of the film.
Movie Monologues Features four monologues from The Fisher King.
Rotten Tomatoes Features reviews of the film and an overall rating.
Top 100 Movie Lists Two sound bites from the film, and two short reviews.

For sites pertaining to specific actors, I would recommend doing a google search.


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