the holy grail!

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terry gilliam Jack scaling the tower

Lydia is nervous on the phone, too

Some "good mud" is applied to Parry

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The emotional quest has been fulfilled I was having this wonderful dream...I was a Martian named Mork This scene gets me teary-eyed every time
What did the headline say? the woman repeatedly asked, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the theatre Oh no, Parry's turned into a wooden boy! I'm a bit disappointed...that nose had possibilities
You have the hair of a sasquatch!  And you have the neck of an ostrich! The asylum ward went on to perform at, in a broad way Anne is dumbfounded...somebody actually rented Godfather 3
Amorous Anne strikes again! it's cold out here.  Do you know about shrinkage? The end.................................?

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