the holy grail!

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terry gilliam Jack scaling the tower

Lydia is nervous on the phone, too

Some "good mud" is applied to Parry

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If he starts rubbing his butt on the grass I'm outta here If I keep making weird faces, will you put some pants on? Are you currently cursing or praising that shadows exist?
Nudity was common in our family, we even had "au natural" Christmas parties Haven't we seen enough of you? I'm sorry Anne, but we aren't doing a menage trois with Lydia
A jaw to die for Jack considers the best way to destroy his Britney Spears tape...boil, melt or incineration? Jack's two friends:  Ethel and old man Merman
Ethel Merman eat your heart out! In a flash of light, the grim reaper appeared in the doorway Yet again, an entertainment center gets in between true love

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