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Does true love really exist in that hairy creature?

I may only be best 'supporting' actress, but I do more real work than Jack!

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robin williams

[Short Bio to come]

Robin Williams:  "I don't think people thought that [Terry Gilliam] directs in the way that he's doing this -- really toning things down to where characters are talking, trying to simplify this.  I think they all assume that with him it's just visuals.  He talks to people; he has to.  I kid him about it; I tell him it's just a four-character Gilliam film with a big knight.  But he's got to [simplify], because the stuff lives on that."

Richard LaGravenese:  "Robin's genius fit Parry's insanity like a glove.  His ability to go off on a thousand creative tangents infused Parry with an electrically charged sense of awe, as if he had a nonstop fireworks display going on inside his head.  And when he stops to take off the fool's mask, it breaks your heart."


1980 Popeye
1982 The World According to Garp
1984 Moscow on the Hudson
1986 The Best of Times
1987 Good Morning, Vietnam
1989 Dead Poets Society
1989 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
1990 Awakenings
1990 Cadillac Man
1991 Dead Again
1991 The Fisher King
1991 Hook
1992 Aladdin (voice)
1992 Toys
1993 Being Human
1993 Mrs. Doubtfire
1995 Jumanji
1995 Nine Months
1996 Hamlet
1996 The Birdcage
1997 Good Will Hunting
1997 Flubber
1997 Father's Day
1998 What Dreams May Come
1998 Patch Adams
1999 Jakob the Liar
1999 Bicentennial Man
2002 One Hour Photo
2002 Insomnia
2002 Death to Smoochy
2004 Final Cut

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