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Does true love really exist in that hairy creature?

I may only be best 'supporting' actress, but I do more real work than Jack!

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[Short Bio to come]

Mercedes Ruehl:  On the set, the four of us had a feeling of genuine camaraderie.  Robin, of course, is wonderful to work with because hes ninety-five percent of the time, when two or more are gathered in his presence, that guy is on.  Hes channelling the humour of the universe all the time, its coursing through him involuntarily.  Jeff is very intense, very internal.  Amanda is a total original as a human being.  She has an original kind of energy, and an original kind of intensity.  Ive never met anyone like her in my life.  But somehow we made a harmonious group, and I think it had something to do with Terry.  The tone he set, the great desire we all had to please him, and the material that he chose, and the way he gets excited and enthused about the material."

Richard LaGravenese:  "Anne came alive through her performance in a way I had always fantasized.  Mercedes' earthiness, honesty, humour -- and her ability to expose this ferocious rage of a wounded heart -- made me think I'd written it for her."


1979 The Warriors

Radio Days

1988 Big
1988 Married to the Mob
1990 Crazy People
1991 The Fisher King
1993 Lost in Yonkers
1997 For Roseanna
1999 The Minus Man
2000 The Amati Girls
2000 What's Cooking
2002 Spooky House

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