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terry gilliam Jack scaling the tower

Does true love really exist in that hairy creature?

I may only be best 'supporting' actress, but I do more real work than Jack!

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richard lagravenese lagravenese discusses the script with jeff bridges

[Short Bio to come]

Richard LaGravenese started as an actor, writing monologues for his fellow classmates.

-The Fisher King was inspired by Robert Johnson's psychology book He

-script went through three distinct drafts.

Richard LaGravenese:  "If I had ever had to pitch this movie, it might never have been made."

Richard LaGravenese:  "Terry included me in aspects of filmmaking that writers are not often privy to; I was involved with rehearsals, I worked on the set, attended dailies, sat in on marketing meetings as well as powwows with studio people.  Terry set up an atmosphere of such respect and creative exchange that no one person seemed to dominate."

Richard LaGravenese:  "All in all...the movie is most faithful to the script.  This is proven by the fact that, even now watching it in a theater, I still can't explain it to anyone in one sentence."

first page of the screenplay


1989 Rude Awakening co-screenwriter
1991 The Fisher King screenwriter
1994 The Ref co-screenwriter/producer
1995 The Bridges of Madison County screenwriter
1995 Unstrung Heroes screenwriter
1995 A Little Princess screenwriter
1996 The Mirror Has Two Faces co-screenwriter
1998 Living Out Loud director/screenwriter
1998 Beloved co-screenwriter
1998 The Horse Whisperer co-screenwriter
2000 Erin Brockovich script reviser
2000 The Legend of Bagger Vance co-screenwriter
2003 A Decade Under the Influence co-director/producer

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