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Are you one of those people that are often more interested in the person behind the site, than the site itself?  Well, youíre in luck, because Iím one of those people too.

I was fifteen when I first saw The Fisher King.  The version mustíve been a TV edit, since there were no bad words, and no nude Robin Williams frolicking in Central Park in his birthday suit. But it didnít matteróI was in awe throughout the film.  These amazing images gave me a deep sense of wonder.  Few things could stir such wonderment in my heart, a feeling I cherish so desperately.

What I also remember is being the saddest I had ever felt while watching a movie, and at other times being the happiest.  Somewhere inside, I knew this was a rare experience, one to be treasured.  I didnít know if it was my favourite film (heck, is there anything a fifteen-year-old knows for certain?) but I knew there was more here than my teenage eye could see.  And I knew I would be revisiting this world created by Terry Gilliam and Richard LaGravenese many times.

Lee (aka AgentSage)It began with the Grand Central Waltz sequence.  Who knew commuters could waltz so well?  Even my imaginative mind could not imagine such a sight, one that combined longing for love, the enchantment of dance, and the fantasy of cinema.  I was hooked, and the rest of the film tugged me and tugged me until I surfaced above the threshold of filmviewer to filmlover.

I had seen Time Bandits a number of times before, which is another Terry Gilliam film.  It was only later on that I connected his name to The Fisher King.  From hence forth, I had found my favourite filmmaker, the only one capable of synthesizing so many wonderful ideas into a reel of film.

Iíve created this site in order to share my experience with others.  I could find no other site on this film, and so decided I needed to make one of my own.  My hope is that you will also share your experiences with me.

Nowadays when I watch the filmónot too often, so as not to spoil this coveted experienceóI still fall in love.  Love for the characters, love for the magic of film, and love for life.  I have never seen New York in June, but Iím sure it's beautiful.

My best regards,

Lee (aka AgentSage)



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A Short Bio:

Lee Beavington is a Biology Lab Instructor at Kwantlen University College.  His passions include writing, music, film, books, running, dance, laughter, nature, rivers, philosophy, mythology, astronomy, zoology and far too many others to pursue in one lifetime.  A science fiction and fantasy author, his novella, "Evolution's End", was published in the 2006 Writers of the Future anthology.  Lee currently resides on the west coast of Canada, on a little street called Zero Avenue.  Visit his site at

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