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What's all this about a grail?

This is the story of the Fisher King...

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Welcome to Gilliam's Grail, dedicated to Terry Gilliam's film, The Fisher King.


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Few films possess such cinematic synergy.  Love, tragedy, comedy, fantasy, drama, romance, mythology...there is little The Fisher King doesn't include.  The Grand Central Waltz sequence is what swept me off my feet.  How about you?


Top critics have hailed The Fisher King as a "wild and vital movie" that's "brilliant and inspired" (read over 30 reviews).  But don't take their word for it -- see it for yourself!  Aha, so you have already seen it?  Well then, you've come to the right place.




We are all in search of our own Holy Grail...




can you find the grail hidden in this site?

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